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Senobia, vocalist, composer, and band leader of Senobia & Friends, is a born and bred musician from Columbus, Ohio currently residing in the greater Savannah, GA area. Her first introductions to music were gospel, doo-wop, pop, and rhythm & blues before she found jazz. Her musical influences are ever-present in her stylistic approaches. Senobia is often referred to as a "sireness" as her voice is so enchanting and dynamic that she will leave you swooning for more. Her singing style is very much elegant, creative, and vibrant. Her vocal interpretation of the lyric, and melody, tell "her" story behind the song and will surely take you on an emotional rollercoaster.

   Senobia is a veteran of the stage having performed with America's finest as a U.S. Army Singer and Musician. Senobia has performed in jazz clubs on the Caribbean Sea, Opera houses along the Amalfi Coast of Italy, and Wineries from Carlsbad, CA to DC. Senobia has performed for a host of private and public functions, charities, political fundraisers, festivals, and cultural observances for high-profile people such as Yolanda King, Bobby Seale, Dick Gregory, Nikki Giovanni, Ronald Martin, Jacqui Frazier, Claressa Shields, Judge Cassandra Collier Williams, and several Major Generals of the U.S. Army. Just recently her trio, Senobia & Friends, performed for Lieutenant Governor Candidate Hala Ayala's political fundraiser in DC.


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